Michael Childers Icons and Idols

Mike Johnston, Producer- Michael Childers, David Zippel and Producer-Frank Goldstin

Michael Childers along with Frank Goldstin presented a new musical, Grab Your Seat -Icons and Idols. This concert was held at the Richards Center for the Arts in the Palm Springs High School on January 18th. This was not the traditional concert but more of a younger upbeat kind of music. The music paid homage to the famous, Janis Joplin, George Michael, Freddie Mercury and Prince. These four young singers gave performances that would have made the legendary singers proud.

Von Smith sang songs made famous by Freddy Mercury with; We Are The Champions, and, Somebody To Love, Mary Bridget Davies is a Tony Nominated singer for her portrayal in the Broadway show, A Night With Janis Joplin. She belted out songs like Me An Bobby McGee, and, Piece of My Heart, Rogelio Douglas Jr is a tap dancer as well as an accomplished singer. His songs by Prince were, Purple Rain, Little Red Corvette, and more. Jake Simpson was a winner in the 2003 and 2004 Star Search TV show. His portrayal of the songs by George Michael had the audience clapping and dancing in their seats. Simpsons songs were, Wake Me Up Before You Go Go, and, One More Try,

Each singer had several songs I did not list. All four singers got standing ovations after their performances. The singers included the audience on a few songs by having them clap to the music. These four singers showed their professionalism by the way they performed the songs of such famous singers.They owned the stage. The band had only a few artists, but they made the concert perfect. The finale had the students from the Musical Theatre University at Rancho Mirage High School come on stage to sing with the artists. The Richards Center was sold out again this year.

Elected officials in attendance were Senator Barbara Boxer, Mayor Rob Moon, Geoff Kors, Charlie McClendon and Shelley Kaplan. Producers were Michael Childers and Frank Goldstin. Ellen Goodman was the Executive Director, and the Musical Director was Todd Schroeder. Event Ambassadors were Debbie Green, Doug Donenfeld, Ann Sheffer, Tom Truhe and Barbara Keller. Childers said he was so proud of the singers and the event as it was so different from other games in the Desert.